YouTube Star Ryan Trahan 11.2+ Million Subscribers on YouTube

Ryan Trahan surviving on a penny
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Who is YouTube star Ryan Trahan?

Ryan Trahan is a YouTube star who is known for his funny, informative lifestyle videos. As an American YouTuber, he has a large following on the platform and is considered one of the top YouTubers in the world. Ryan’s videos cover a wide range of topics, from fitness and health to lifestyle and travel. He is also an accomplished athlete, having competed in Ironman triathlons and ultramarathons.

Ryan Trahan’s YouTube channel started going viral when he came up with his “I Survived On $0.01 For 30 Days” video series.

“I’m a college student who lives in a van,” he said. “I try to travel as much as possible and make videos about it.”

Trahan said he started making videos when he was in high school. He didn’t have any equipment, so he would just use his phone. After a while, he got more serious about it and bought some equipment.

“I started doing vlogs and then I started doing challenges,” Trahan said. “That’s how I got my start.”

Trahan’s “I Survived On $0.01 For 30 Days” series has been his most popular series by far. In the single penny series, Trahan tries to live on only $0.01 for 30 days. He documents everything he does and eats during the penny challenge.

“The idea behind it was to see if I could actually do it,” Trahan said. “It was also to raise awareness about how much food waste there is.”

Trahan said he was inspired to do the challenge after watching a documentary called “Trashed.” The documentary is about the global problem of food waste. “I was really shocked by how much food we waste,”. As part of Ryan’s efforts to end hunger in America, he is trying to raise money via a Feeding America Fundraiser page here, where you can donate to help feed those less fortunate.

Paddy Galloway’s Breakdown of How Ryan Trahan Achieved YouTube Success

If you prefer reading as opposed to watching a YouTube video, then below is a summarized transcription breakdown of Ryan Trahan’s success formula as outlined by Paddy Galloway.

Ryan Trahan

What do you think? I had this thought. I can’t get it out of my head. I keep telling myself that it’s insane. I shouldn’t do it. No, I’m going to do it. I’m going to do it.

Paddy Galloway

Ryan Trahan’s insane concept has just changed the formula for YouTube growth. His latest daily series, in which he crosses America for one dime, has won his channel 2 million followers. Within the previous month. I carefully examined each episode and began to notice what Ryan had discovered that was lying in plain sight: a new growth mechanism for YouTubers. The Penny series is designed around a three-part formula.

This young man became the fastest-growing YouTuber in America thanks to a video formula, which begins with part one, giving the algorithm what it wants.

Paddy Galloway Audience Retention

Paddy Galloway Audience Retention

The title of this section may be confusing because daily vlogs aren’t supposed to work. They were huge five years ago, but YouTube has recently been dominated by high-effort content published a few times per month with great stakes and even higher expenditures.

The cause? Vlogs are often not as excellent at audience retention or keeping people watching from the beginning to the end. When given an option between two videos, the algorithm will choose the one with the highest retention to go viral. However, the Penny series has altered everything. Ryan employs a few ingenious techniques to make these programs highly addictive to watch. First, let’s watch the episode one introduction. He accomplishes things extremely well here.

Ryan Trahan

This is a penny, and I intend to utilize it across the United States during the next 30 days. Here are the guidelines. The first rule is that all profit must come from the pennies. Hey guys, can somebody offer me a pen for a penny? You established a revolution rule number two, all food, boarding, and transportation must come from petty profit. Do you want to buy this pen for a buck? Thank you very much.

Paddy Galloway

Take note of how Ryan provides context for how the challenge works before jumping into action and then repeating this pattern. This strategy is known as drip feeding context. Ryan does this in every episode to avoid dull chunks of explanation. Throughout these films, he also employs retention sentences.

Ryan Trahan

So, I’m telling you right now. We almost have all we need to complete this challenge. I’ll explain at McDonald’s, and then I’ll tell you the game plan, which will be accompanied by some pretty huge news and a mood. And, you know, I’m in a terrific mood. I’m so excited to eat this dinner and appreciate it. We’ll be OK as long as someone doesn’t totally reset us in real life on the way to Walgreens. Why should I be surprised if that occurs?

Paddy Galloway

This type of foreshadowing is one of the oldest retention methods in the book. Ryan is continuously teasing you with what’s to come, giving you the incentive to stay tuned in. Take, for example, this episode. Ryan keeps mentioning the next city without telling what it is.

Ryan Trahan

When getting ready to leave for the airport or the next city, we must change our concentration to the next city, the next city in the next city. I’m looking into the next city. I’m going to keep it a secret. Do you honestly believe I’d tell you it’s truly a surprise? It’s literally more enjoyable if you have no idea what it is. And then I do the shot where I think, “It’ll be worth it.” I guarantee it.

Paddy Galloway

This not only increases view time but also the return rate, resulting in more individuals tuning in the next day. He’ll end an episode with something like this.

Ryan Trahan

I’ll see you in the morning with some great news to share.

Paddy Galloway

You can’t wait for the next video to come out. While they are crucial, many other savvy YouTubers already do this. The following strategies are crucial. 

First and foremost, Ryan is demonstrating how to develop rapport with an audience. He has posted this series every day at 10:00 a.m. EST so that people can include it into their everyday morning routine. 

He also used the same soundtrack throughout the series. This music is essentially the theme song to his own show. And his outro song has been searched for a total of 147,500 times this month. 

But, by far, the most essential aspect is not the editing or what Ryan leaves out. It all comes down to what Ryan leaves in. His videos are purposefully sloppy. This can occasionally be as comical as his camera falling. Sometimes it’s sharing an emotional moment with the rest of the globe.

Ryan Trahan

“I’ve been asking everyone, if you could only say one thing to the world, what would it be?”

Random Customer at McDonald’s

Anyone going through a bad patch right now, remain positive, keep pushing forward, and keep your head up. That was really the best we could do, though. Encourage those who seek to help themselves, and let us feed America.

Ryan Trahan

Let’s go.

Paddy Galloway

The videos in the Penny series are essentially a pendulum swinging between retention, optimal moments, and deeper ties to his personality. Many YouTubers overlook this aspect of the equation, which Ryan has exploited. These strategies may have helped him tackle the retention problem with Flogs, but there was another huge hurdle the Penny series had to face. This brings us to Part 2.

The episodic issue. Multiple-episode content has traditionally struggled to attract new viewers. If you don’t watch the first episode, you’re unlikely to watch the others. Series also sometimes rely too heavily on the audience’s prior knowledge of the creator. Ryan, on the other hand, handles the problem in three clever ways.

First and foremost, each of his episodes features an intro that immediately brings you up to speed with what’s going on and draws you into the plot. Ryan usually starts with a four-part infrastructure greeting, a one-line explanation update, and the first aim. Follow along on your own.

Ryan Trahan in Las Vegas

Ryan Trahan in Las Vegas

Good day, sleepyheads. This morning I woke up and forgot I was trying to cross America. It is day six, beginning with 1 Penny. We have six dollars and thirty-two cents. We’re about 10% of the way across the country in Las Vegas. MrBeast, don’t be concerned, sweetheart. I’m going to send you this penny nonetheless, but first thing in the morning.

Stand-Alone Thumbnails Strategy

Stand-Alone Thumbnails YouTube Strategy

A new viewer receives all the context they need to enjoy the video right away.

Ryan has also created stand-alone thumbnails. This is because each thumbnail appears to be for a single challenge video rather than a series. Ryan prepared and shot all of these shots ahead of time, and it shows. 90% of what makes these thumbnails fantastic is the concept itself. Ryan and his crew compiled the most exciting action images to visually depict the difficulties he planned to take on.

There is a strong emphasis on blue and green color combinations. These hues are frequently associated with a higher clickthrough rate. Ryan, like in the episodes, uses his thumbnails to foretell the events that are taking place. The end effect is graphics that are engaging even if you haven’t seen earlier episodes.

Paddy Galloway

Number three is perhaps the most crucial. The series itself is a high-stake challenge. Ryan has, in some ways, combined the daily vlog with the current optimized meta. As a result, Ryan has done more than double the views per month what Casey Neistat did in his peak with the current optimized meta and justice. Daily vlogs with high stakes could be the new algorithm beater.

Paddy Galloway

So, we now have two halves of the formula: retention and attracting new viewers. Part three, though, is when Ryan’s best idea comes into play.

Hacking the audience, as demonstrated by the Mister Beast squad gaming video, the finest YouTubers not only know how to make fantastic films, but they also know how to engineer buzz. How does Ryan accomplish this? The big reset.

Ryan Trahan

Yes, yes. The great reset.

Ryan TrahanFeeding America Charity

Feeding America Charity Rating

I was waiting for the entire video to say that, but the idea of being reset by a donation is brilliant. It not only adds an exciting variation to Series A, but it also draws the attention of the entire platform.

Dozens of popular YouTubers have sent tweets, short films, and even full-length videos announcing their donations. This opens up new fan bases for existing shows. Not only is the algorithm directing new viewers to his videos, but so are other creators.

And why does it all work? The entire series was for a good cause. Ryan has changed YouTube and raised over 1,000,000 for people in need, and I’m feeling brave. So, for every subscriber who watches this video, I’ll donate not one but five pennies to Ryan’s charity. Allow yourself to bankrupt me.

Ryan Trahan Questions and Answers

How Old is Ryan Trahan?

Ryan Trahan was born October 07, 1998, making him 23 years old as of 2022. 

Ryan Trahan was born and raised in Orange, Texas. He attended West Orange-Stark High School, where he played football and ran track. In 2016, he graduated from high school and began attending Louisiana State University. He is currently majoring in sports journalism.

Trahan began his career as a YouTuber in 2016. His channel, which is called “Ryan Trahan,” consists of vlogs, challenges, and other videos. As of 2021, he has over 11 million subscribers on YouTube. In addition to his YouTube channel, Trahan also has a successful Instagram account with over 2 million followers. He often posts pictures and videos of himself doing various activities, such as working out, playing sports, and spending time with friends and family. Trahan has also appeared in a few commercials and music videos.

What is Ryan Trahan’s Net Worth?

The net worth of Ryan Trahan is estimated to be around $3.2 million as of 2022. Ryan’s main source of income comes from sales of Hydra Collective products, and he also runs a company called Neptune Bottle. The remainder of his income comes from brand endorsements, ventures, and YouTube monetization.

Is Ryan Trahan Married?

American YouTuber and entrepreneur Ryan Trahan married Haley Pham in November 2020.

“Reuniting with my Husband After 1 Month!”

Halley Goodman, who online is known as Haley Pham, is a dancer and content creator who has her own YouTube channel with 2.36 million subscribers as of September 2022. 

What is  Ryan Trahan’s Height?

Height in Feet 5 feet and 9 inches
Weight in Lbs 143 lbs
Measurement 40-32-35
Hair Color Golden Brown
Eye Color Blue

Feeding America Charity Rating

According to Charity Navigator, Feeding America has an excellent charity score of 97.87 which is considered exceptional.

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