Elephants Are Not Birds

Elephants Are Not Birds Book Summary

Elephants Are Not Birds Book (Summary)

“Elephants Are Not Birds” is a new children’s book that aims to offer a conservative perspective on the current cultural activism that is present in schools, entertainment, and books. The book is written by conservative activist Ashley St. Clair, and it is an unapologetic rebuke of the transgender agenda. The book is the first title from Brave Books, a publisher that aims to provide parents with a conservative alternative to the stories their children are currently being exposed to.

The book tells the story of an elephant named Kevin who likes to sing and is convinced by a vulture named Culture that he must be a bird since he sings so well. Despite Culture’s efforts to give Kevin a beak and wings, Kevin cannot live as a bird, and the book serves as a metaphor for the idea that people should accept and embrace who they are rather than trying to change into something they are not.

The author, Ashley St. Clair, wrote the book to counter the growing number of young people identifying as trans, as she believes that this movement is being forced down the throats of American youth. She states that the target audience is parents who want to teach their children the values they hold dear and that the book is a way to support and accept humans for who they are.

The book is available exclusively on the Brave Books website through an offer to parents of one book per month for a $12.99 annual subscription. The publisher also has other titles in the pipeline, such as “The Island of Free Ice Cream” by conservative figure Jack Posobiec, which will tackle communism, and is also courting Congressman Dan Crenshaw to write “Fame, Blame, and the Raft of Shame” about cancel culture.

Positive Lessons For Children

Positive Lessons For Children

The overall feeling of parents towards the book is that they appreciate the book for its message of embracing one’s true self. They find the story easy to understand, well-written, beautifully illustrated, and with a good message for children in today’s world. They also appreciate the additional materials provided at the back of the book, such as games and activities. Some parents also note that the book counterpoints the current cultural activism that children are exposed to.

Lessons to be learned for children include:

Recognizing reality and trusting their senses

It is important to face challenges and obstacles head-on, and not be afraid to try new things.

Being true to and embracing one’s true self

Understanding that just pretending to be something different doesn’t change who you really are

Appreciating that you can like things that are characteristic of something different but still be yourself.

Elephants Are Not Birds Reading Level

Elephants Are Not Birds Book

Children ages 4 to 12 are the target audience for “Elephants Are Not Birds,” a 48-page paperback picture book. Preschool to third graders will enjoy this book’s easy text and colorful graphics. This book is a great resource for parents who want to instill in their children a sense of self-acceptance and an understanding of the limits imposed by biology. It’s a lovely narrative that’s simple to follow and read aloud. 

Elephants Are Not Birds Characters

Elephants Are Not Birds Characters

Kevin: The book’s main character, Kevin, is an elephant who likes to sing. He is convinced by the vulture named Culture that he must be a bird since he sings so well. But despite Culture’s efforts to give Kevin a beak and wings, Kevin cannot live as a bird.

Culture: The vulture is the secondary character of the book; Culture is a vulture who is convinced that Kevin is a bird and tries to help him fly by giving him a beak and wings. He is portrayed as an antagonist in the story, trying to convince Kevin to change who he is but ultimately learning that it is important to embrace who you are.

Big Bear: Big Bear is Kevin’s friend, who supports Kevin and encourages him to be true to himself. He helps Kevin understand that he is an elephant and not a bird, which is ok.

With the help of his friend Big Bear, Kevin learns to embrace who he is and accept the limitations of biology.

Characters in the book include:

  • Kevin
  • Culture
  • Big Bear

About Children’s Book Author Ashley St. Clair

Children's Book Author Ashley St Clair

Ashley St. Clair is a celebrated American freedom fighter, political dissident, and loyalist known for her efforts to combat corruption and violence. She is also actively working to support assault victims, and her ideologies are based on the right wing of the political spectrum. Her thoughts, opinions, and activities can be found on her social media platforms, such as Twitter and Instagram, where she has a large following.

Ashley St. Clair’s Education

There is not much information available about Ashley St. Clair’s education, it is known that she went to a high school in the United States and graduated from a reputed university, but the name of the university and the subject she studied are not available.

Ashley St. Clair’s Career

Ashley St. Clair is a freedom fighter, producer, and public figure who uses social media platforms to express her thoughts and opinions on various issues. She is highly active on Twitter and Instagram, where she has a large following.

Ashley St. Clair’s Personal Life and Legacy

Ashley St. Clair is a private person, and not much is known about her personal life. She is not known to have a romantic partner, she keeps her family and early life details private. However, she is known for her compassionate and moderate approach in her work as a political dissident and her efforts to combat corruption and violence.

Credit Sources: Explore Celeb & TG Time

Author Ashley St. Clair’s Twitter page

Author Ashley St. Clair’s Instagram page

Author Ashley St. Clair’s GETTR page

Illustrator Steliyana Doneva

Steliyana Doneva is a celebrated children’s book illustrator in Sofia, Bulgaria. Her passion for painting and drawing began at a young age and only continued to grow as she pursued her education in the field of applied arts. She attended a specialized school in Sofia, where she honed her skills in creating artistic designs for children’s toys. From there, she graduated with a degree in graphic arts, and it was during this time she discovered her true passion for illustrating children’s books.

Steliyana Doneva’s Career as an Illustrator

Steliyana began her career as an animator in a movie animation studio before transitioning to illustrating children’s books. She had illustrated several books, including “When Hillary Rodham Clinton Played Ice Hockey” and “An Extraordinary Ordinary Moth.”

Steliyana Doneva’s Personal Life and Legacy

Steliyana lives in Sofia, Bulgaria, with her husband and three children, who constantly inspire her. In her free time, she enjoys making fabric toys and working on her photography skills. She finds great joy in creating illustrations for children’s books and sharing the magic of this world with young readers.

Credit Sources: MB Artists & KidLit411

More Places online to learn about illustrator Steliyana Doneva.

Illustrator Steliyana Doneva’s Facebook Page

Illustrator Steliyana Doneva’s Instagram Page

Illustrator Steliyana Doneva’s Pinterest Page

Illustrator Steliyana Doneva’s Amazon Page

Where To Buy The Elephants Are Not Birds Book

Brave Publications published the book in 2021. It is available for purchase on various online retailers such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, the publisher’s website, and physical bookstores. Parents can also check their local library to see if they have a copy available.

The book is available on Brave as a paperback.

Brave Publishing (Paperback)Elephants Are Not Birds Book 1 by Ashley St. Clair

Book Details

Elephants Are Not Birds Book Details

Publisher: BRAVE BOOKS (January 1, 2021)
Language: English
Paperback: 48 pages
ISBN-10: 195555000X
ISBN-13: 978-1955550000
Reading age: 4 – 12 years
Item Weight: 8 ounces
Dimensions: 9 x 9 x 0.4 inches

Pete The Cat I Love My White Shoes Reviews

At the time of this writing, there were 13 customer reviews on Brave Publishing with a star rating of 5 out of 5, with 100% of reviewers giving the book a 5-star rating. Below are a few of the top reviews of the book.

Want more!
Verified Buyer

Review by Lisa U. on 30 Aug 2022review stating Want more!Loved it a lot! Kevin is such a sweet character that the kids loved and culture the Vulture is a “real jerk” according to my children😇
My kids have been real enjoying all of the Saga 1 books so far. The tie in of the same adversaries to each individual story has been so great to use as a talking point when we take on our missions after the stRead more about Loved it a lot!
Kevin is such a sweetories ! My 5 yr old said after Kevin’s story ended “ elephants really can’t fly at all but they can sing and play trumpets! Besides they can just take a plane if they want to fly.” 😇😂🤓 Thanks Brave Books

– By Lisa U.

I absolutely love this book.
Verified Buyer

It so amazing demonstrates the point that just “pretending” to be something different doesn’t change who you really are. It is so important to be true to who you really are.
I also love that it shows that you can like things usually characteristic of something different, but still be you.

We read this book all the timeRead more about I absolutely love this book. It so and my daughter (3) says “Silly elephant, you’re not a bird!”

By Kate B.

Clear concept
Verified Buyer

Clear conceptSubject matter is very clear. We are created by God to be what we are. I am not a frog or an bunny.

– By Mary H.

Elephants Are Not Birds Book Read Aloud

This 7:03 long video is a standard read-aloud version by a female narrator showing the pages, so you know what you’re getting.

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